He lied his way into the arena….


It was a windy cloudy day in the 40’s when the men’s group arrived.  There were 8 of them hanging over the fence petting the horses before they signed their release forms.  When the paperwork was out of the way we had our intro conversation in the arena;  the wind was uncomfortable and one guy excused himself and said, ok, well thanks but I’m not really in this group and I should go wherever I’m suppose to go and besides, I’m really cold, I just wanted to pet a horse and now I’ve done that, so I should go.

We take the horses to an adult residential rehabilitation center for people in the early days of recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol, so I say to the guy, you know, the thing about the weather is, it’s either cold, or windy or there are bugs, or then there are allergies, or it’s hot, if we are just going to work our recovery program when the weather is right, we are on a narrow road here.   He said, good point, how about I just stay here and see what I can learn.

We had our activity “steps one two and three” and when we were done, the guy comes over and makes a point of stopping us to say, I am so glad I stayed, I thought we were just going to pet the horses, I never imagined I was going to learn something valuable for my life!


The thing is, they “Want” to be together.

ImageWe can and should use this to our advantage!  


  [hawrs-muhn-ship]  Show IPA

1.  the art, ability, skill, or manner of a horseman.

It’s not just about riding, it’s about having an artists eye to see what’s so, the ability to know what to do with it, the skill to do it so it becomes your way of being.  
As noted in the picture above, one of the things there is to see, know and use is the fact that horses want to be together.  They will be happier moving away from home together and    giving their all to you at home.  And it is through being together that you can move apart from the herd.  
Here’s the other thing to see in the photo; Curiosity, notice how all the horses are curious about the photographer? It’s not feeding time, it’s natural curiosity, this is what, if cultivated, has our horses be interested in leaving the herd with us.   
These are things a horseman understands.  




That’s what these teenage boys named this pony because they thought she would be the easiest because of her size. They said adults also underestimate them. So what are we, as a society, expecting from our young people?


Kids and Horses – Perfect Together

Kids and Horses - Perfect Together

When Kids and horses come together for the opportunity to grow and learn together, Miracles Happen! Not only do people grow in self confidence when they earn the cooperation of a horse but they have fun problem solving!



Being Serene


The  Group wanted to work on things in recovery that they knew they needed but didn’t know how to get or keep.  Serenity was only one of the three tools in recovery that they named and that is her laying in the leaves.  The moment they named her, she went directly over, pawed in the leaves and proceeded to have a nap, right there in the arena with the entire group of people watching.  

When they needed to use "Serenity" She was ready and available.

When they needed “Serenity” She was ready and available.

As soon as it was time to apply Serenity to their recovery journey in the exercise, she woke up, looked around, had a stretch and did exactly what they wanted.  She was a fine example for this group of women in how to use “serenity” in early recovery. 

Hello world!