What is it about Girls and Horses?

Girl leaning on horse

Templeton Thompson sings about girls and horses, she says at one point “They were my one safe place.” in her song called Girls and Horses.  Seriously though, why is it that 80% of horses in 2016 are owned by women and girls?

Is it because they are better than a diary that someone else could read? Is it their soft fur? Is it their amazing contrast of power and gentle souls? Homeschool girl and horses

Maybe it is because horses, if left to live in herds of their own design are a matriarchal society.  Maybe this feels natural and right to girls at a young age.

Sylvia Zerbini

I had the honor of spending the weekend with this wonderful woman, Sylvia Zerbini, 9th generation circus family. She shared with us how, as a 9 year old girl, her responsibility was to turn out the horses while on the road which, for a Circus Family, is often. They were performance horses and needed to be looked after carefully on the road, so they gave the job to a young girl. Sylvia shared some of what she learned from the horses with us.

  • Body language – the Universal language – Horses and Humans of all ages and languages understood it.  In fact on the weekend, she spoke to all of our horses in French. The commanding posture learned from the horses earned her the attention of anyone whose attention she wanted.
  • To solve real life problems with the grace of a performer and the grit of a horse.
  • Without question, these horses taught the young Sylvia about her important place in the world and how to project her intentions and experience real results that carried her through rough times.
  • These horses taught her to pick herself up and dust herself off and keep going when there was a particularly hard lesson learned.
  • One more lesson learned: Dominance is not leadership, dominance is just that, dominance and it has it’s place in the world but truly sharing space with horses where all are included – That’s where growth happens and everyone’s needs are met simultaneously and all are respected for their contributions.
  • Learning to be alert to their surroundings, finding safety in the wisdom of the herd and comfort in their collective power. Carrying that power and wisdom through the rest of life’s experiences.

When girls are fostered at a young age to read the wisdom of nature, these life’s lessons go everywhere girls go! Horses are a great vehicle to take them on that journey.

Girls and Horses is a program facilitated at In the Company of Horses for girls 10-12. Join us! 

Oh, wait! Did I mention that those horses were all Stallions that the 9 year old girl was responsible for?

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